Build Muscle. Gain Stength.
 Save The World.

Build Muscle. Gain Stength. Save The World.

The skinny to superhero formula is a 4 levelled blueprint designed for skinny guys to build 20-30 pounds of muscle in less than 90 days - guaranteed.

Ready To Finally Build A Body You’re Proud To Call Your Own?

Building muscle as a skinny guy requires a different plan to most! If you’ve tried the typical bodybuilding programs, then you most likely already know that their “one size fits all” programs don’t work, especially if you’re a busy guy. S2SF is different...
Built With
It's built for skinny dudes

Why is it so hard to build muscle as a skinny guy?

Yet others can do whatever they want and build an impressive physique without even trying ?
Have you ever felt like you were always gonna be stuck as a skinny guy? 

That no matter what programme you do, no matter how hard you train, your genetics will prevent you from building the physique you want?

If you're anything like I was then, you know the pain of being a skinny dude…

Maybe you get off to a good start – but the results don't stick, so you lose motivation and never seem to stay consistent!

You’ve read the blogs and eBooks about how to build muscle, but you feel more confused than ever, trying to piece together workouts, nutrition plans, habits and more on your own, with no help.

And my bet is you’re tired:

Tired of busting your ass in the gym 6 days a week, only to find you're the same size you were when you started ...

Tired of filling your body with crazy supplements that do nothing except make you bloated, sick and leave your wallet empty ...

Tired of the other guys (the meatheads) doing half as much, skipping workouts but getting twice as big.

I'd had enough of seeing skinny guys struggle to get results after trying everything out there

And that's why I decided to lock myself away, research, build and test a programme that doesn't just shortcut the road to success but allows it to last for a lifetime too (which is super important when you consider 92% of people fail to reach their goals).

And that's why I put together a system that's step-by-step that I’m launching in January. 

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